Wayne Kurzen conducted a workshop with my Convene CEO Peer-to-Peer Forum introducing us to the benefits of running their business on EOS/Traction. Our members highly praised Wayne for his ability to relate to them as entrepreneurs and deliver meaningful content.   Wayne brings integrity, engaging enthusiasm, and real clarity to his presentation on EOS/Traction.

Bud Handwerk, Convene Chair

Wayne Kurzen presented to our Entrepreneur Organization (EO) forum this past week and it was amazingly enlightening. Our Forum is a group of highly successful business owners, from multiple industries, and a variety of sizes and everyone received an incredible value from the presentation. He did a great job explaining business processes and simple systems that any business can use to bring focus, alignment, and execution to their company. I would highly recommend Wayne to any company or group that wants to improve their business and live the life that they have always dreamed of.

EO Forum Moderator, Shawn Brown, President & COO Snap Tech IT

EOS helped us refocus on what our organization’s real value is, which gave us the ability to prioritize, plan, and ultimately grow.  In the beginning, I worried that EOS would be another item on my already to long to do list.  What I realized was that EOS gave me a new perspective on what our organization was doing and–just as importantly–what it shouldn’t be doing.  Items began falling off my to do list permanently.  EOS also helped me take a fresh look at our team and identify people who had the ability to take on more responsibility, freeing me to focus on growing the organization more.

Wayne has been an ideal partner in this process.  He explains the EOS fundamentals, sharing insights and training us to implement these strategies in our organization.  But he has also been a coach and cheerleader, encouraging us as individuals to grow into our roles as team leaders, make the hard decisions, and then celebrating with us as we reap the rewards.  Wayne has been a key team member in our organization’s success and in our implementation of EOS. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Carrie Lukas, President IWF

“Being a small business owner can be a lonely existence when it comes to getting advice.  Wayne Kurzen spoke to my leadership group of small business owners and provided relevant and applicable counsel that helped us work on the business not just in the business.  Wayne’s background and teaching style led to a fruitful dialogue enabling effective content to be discussed in ways that apply to each of our business challenges.

I highly recommend Wayne to any small business owner or CEO/Leadership peer-to-peer group with members looking to optimize their mission, vision and values!”

Tom Darrow, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Founder and Principal,
Talent Connections, LLC
Career Spa, LLC
The Leadership Counsel, LLC

“Wayne Kurzen was our recent Keynote speaker for our Atlanta Awards Gala featuring the “101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For”. His presentation was one of the most relevant and engaging talks that we have had in our nine years of operation. His content was not only relevant, but he also included take-away handouts. Wayne has a very strong stage presence that includes well placed humor. We will consider him for future Awards Galas in our other nine cities, and he is already scheduled to present a webinar to our national audience.”

Jennifer Kluge, CEO & President, Best & Brightest Companies

“I became aware of the EOS® business system while at a professional pharmacy conference.  As the owner of a growing independent pharmacy, I am able to see both the benefits of our growth as well as the many new challenges of managing that growth.  I knew that we needed help, and EOS® appeared to be the solution for which we were searching.

We chose to move forward with implementing the EOS® system, and to work with Wayne Kurzen as our business coach.  In just the first 4 months of working with Wayne, we have been able to identify our company structure, discover our values and vision, and develop meaningful goals that aren’t out of reach.

Wayne’s guidance, combined with the tools of EOS®, have provided my leadership team with clarity that I didn’t think was possible in such a short period of time.  I am looking forward to continued growth without the fears of managing the challenges.”

Chris Antypas, Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy

“Wayne has been a tremendous asset to our company as we continue to grow in sales and the number of restaurants we operate.  We now have core values and a core focus and run our stores based on those key principles.  Wayne has helped bring my vision to life by implementing the EOS® model and getting the right people in the right seats and not being afraid to discuss the “elephant in the room” during our leadership meetings. For the 1st time ever, we actually have a plan in place for the next 3 years broken down quarterly to make sure we are staying on track.”

Doug Augustine, President & CEO, Georgia-Texas Enterprises, Inc

“All businesses need to be fine-tuned from time to time. Whether it is in the area of communications, decision making, goal setting or company structure there is always room for improvements and sometimes far greater than you believe.

Wayne Kurzen introduced and helped us implement a management process called EOS®. It wasn’t long before we realized there were some real deficiencies to be addressed

We have been applying the EOS model for over a year. Today we have more clarity in our culture, improved communication, and better execution of goals. Day to day business issues no longer drain resources and energy of the company but often become great opportunities. We are better aligned as leadership team and a company today by utilizing so many of the tools within EOS®.”

Mike Tindol, Partner, Allgood Pest Solutions

“We have always had operating procedures and systems but felt we were lacking. Now we communicate better, our meetings are more productive and we now have more clarity of vision and focus. I recommend Wayne and his program to any company desiring to get their employees and leadership team on the same page.”

Darrell Lee, Owner, Future Services, Inc.

“We were in need of some outside experience to refocus and align our executive team during a time of corporate transition.  Wayne was able to bring resources, like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)®, that propelled our company into a Culture of Accountability; bringing consistent execution, better communication, and a system of control.”

Donnie Pemberton, President, The Pepi Companies.

“Approximately one year ago we began coaching with Wayne Kurzen.  Our top objective was to put into place a succession plan and to coach my two sons and my “right hand man” to run the company in my absence.

Overall, our business has made a 180 degree turn.

  • Net Margin has increased from 1% to 9%.
  • We have a documented procedures and contingency plan.
  • Our Key Performance Indicators constantly show improvement.
  • Profit per employee is up and employee morale is at its highest

Most of all, my wife and I have…peace of mind that our “boys” can take our business to a new level of profitability in the future, thereby securing jobs for our + 50 employees and their families.”

Emory Young, Owner, Certified Electric, Inc.

“We have accomplished more in the last 6 months than we would have in several years without the coaching and accountability…coaching with Wayne has helped me stay focused on what I need to be doing.  It is easy to be caught up in the day-to-day routine and fail to work on what is really important.  The ROI in coaching with Wayne has been clearly justified.  We have been growing at a rate of 35% per year – in the middle of a recession!”

Ron Smith, CEO, DHR Mechanical

“Wayne’s coaching and business systems have given our organization focus and clarification on how to set and achieve our daily, quarterly and long-range goals. His insights and skillful coaching helped us recognize our strengths, skills and personalities – creating a leadership team that addresses issues and executes solutions – getting the results we want.  He has introduced and helped us implement many tools that drill down into the gold payoff of each person. This program should be mandatory for all who want to win the war of competition.”

John Bednar, Executive Manager , Pierce Distribution Services Companies

“As a small business owner, my wife and I are involved in every facet of running our small business.  Since we have started our weekly coaching, everything has improved: the bottom line has increased, hours spent working on and in the business have decreased, profits have increased, and our marriage as a result is even better.  I would highly recommend the business coach program to any business owner large or small.  It has helped my business grow over 200% in the last 6 months.”

Derek Pommerenck, President, Sugar Magnolia Homes LLC

“Clarity of the overall picture is a must. Defining what to do next is key. Having Wayne as my coach has been a real powerful and effective way to make change in the right direction. Thanks, Wayne.”

Jimmy F. Tester Jr., President/Owner, Mammoth Detail Salons, Inc.

“I have learned so much from Wayne about running a successful business.  He provided detailed plans and solutions to the challenges faced by all companies.  I hate to think where I would be without the ideas that he helped me to implement at my company.  The weekly coaching sessions held me accountable.  He provided an unbiased opinion which was critical to me in my family business.  His planning sessions were always fun and very productive.”

Dave Davis, CEO, RDA Systems

“For Last two years or so, my Dental Practice had been doing fairly well for me. But, I had reached a plateau that I had a hard time getting above!  I began coaching with Wayne Kurzen at the end of 2009.  At that time, we were running 20% below my 2008 production numbers.  In four short months, we ended 2009 only 5% off 2008 numbers and my December 2010 was 30% higher than December 2009.  And we only spent an additional $100 on marketing during that four month period.  We are off to a great start in 2010. In January we were up 28% over the previous year.

I was pleasantly surprised how Wayne is also able to get my staff excited about our business and practice potential. My only regret is that I did not start my coaching sooner with Wayne. I am thankful to have a mentor, business coach and a” go to person” for all my business questions and decisions.

I would recommend Coach Wayne Kurzen to any business that wants to take their business up one notch.”

Dr. Priti Bloor, DDS, Bloor Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

“Wayne has helped me in many areas.  The following is an example of how coaching helped to start the process of aligning our company.

Five months ago I went on a five day mission trip to New Orleans with my family, this was not the first time that I’ve left on such a trip and felt everything would operate smoothly in my absence. Within two days I was receiving calls from my vice president detailing problems that really should not have occurred. This was not only aggravating, but caused a sense of resentment toward my employees.   I just returned from a two vacation. When I returned, not only were the doors still opened, but an acquisition of additional work had occurred.”

David Strelser, President, Interlock Electric

“Coaching has reminded me that I must be INTENTIONAL about the decisions I make and the destination of the journey I choose to take.  Without the routine of coaching, taking this journey would be like driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake.  Coaching reminds me to take my foot of the brake.”

Janet Narretta, VP Operations, Zentz & Condos

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wayne Kurzen over the past 18 months and can tell you that he is passionate about helping business owners and business managers grow their businesses.  Wayne has strong business skills and knowledge that he uses to generate significant results for us.  He brings focus where there is chaos and he has a seemingly endless set of tools and references that he recommends as needed, when appropriate, instead of forcing some canned program on you.  I am honored to know Wayne because he has the highest degree of integrity.”

Matthew McInerny, Advanced Productivity Software

“Wayne Kurzen has helped me immensely. He provides the insights of “the expert” and keeps me focused and working on the truly important goals until will reach them.  And then we set bigger goals.”

John McAlister, CEO, Clarus Financial Group

Wayne Kurzen has helped us in numerous ways that continue to pay benefits even after we completed our working together.  He helped us build a stronger company structure, identify our key metrics, and taught us to quickly and deftly identify issues and find solutions.   This is by no means a complete list, but certainly provides a sense of depth and breadth of what Wayne brought to Renewal, and how he inspired us to achieve business excellence.

As I write this testimonial, I reflect that I just came out of our powerful weekly Leadership meeting which was run using the “EOS® Level 10 Weekly Meeting Agenda.”  Wayne told us early on that his goal was to work himself out of a job.  Mission accomplished!

Peter Michelson, CEO, Renewal Design-Build